Features & Benefits

• Reliable quality with small size and Lightweight. • Efficient and energy saving: because an inverter welder reduces wasted power by using less copper and steel.
• Step-less adjustment for welding current and voltage.
• Digital display for accurate parameter preset.
• Designed for demanding industrial environment.
• Suitable for all kind of Acid and Basic Electrode.

Technical Parameter


 Arc 400


 Input power(V)(AC)


 Rated Supply Voltage(UI)



 Rated supply current(H)(A)

 Rated input current(A)


 Rated supply power(PI)(Kw)

 No- load voltage(v)


 Welding current(12)(A)

 Output current(A)


 Rated welding current

 Rated Output Voltage(v)


 No load voltage(Uo)(V)

 Force Range(A)


 Power efficiency(rated load)

 Duty cycle(%)


 Power factor(cos)(rated oad)

 No load loss(w)


 Enclosures production degree(IP  code)


 IGBT’sHeat  Sink(755C)

 Thermal protection of IGBT

 Thermal protection of  IGBT


 Power dimension(mm)

 Power factor


 Power weight(kg)

 Insulation Grade


 Power insulation

 Housing protection  Grade

 Forced Air  Cooling(Fan)

 Power cooling mode



 Power source static charctereristics



 Package dimension(mm) (L*B*H)