Features & Benefits

• Efficient and energy-saving equipment, good for butt, lap, fillet welds
• Small, light, flexible adjustment and convenient operation.
• Duty cycle is as high as 100%.
• Weakly influenced by input voltage fluctuation.
• The current of arc-starting and arc force continuously adjustable.
• Advance controlling technology, capable of presenting accurate welding parameters.
• Wide adaptability of welding parameters, reliable performance.
• Over-heat protection and wire against protection.
• Drooping characteristic, it can perform thick single wire welding(Beyond 3.0 mm).

Technical Parameter


 SAW 1250N

 Rated Input Voltage(V)



 3 Phase



 Rated Input Capacity(KVA)


 The Max Voltage(V)


 Output Current(DC)


 Rated Duty Cycle(%)