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  • Table Type Gantry structure.

  • High tension high accuracy double side driven rack & pinion drive

  • Dual shaft L M Guide ways and bearing (KHS-LG) arrangement for Transverse movement of Torch stations and longitudinal movement of Gantry.

  • Automatic wear compensation by high tension cup spring keeps the engagement of the pinion in this rack free of backlash.

Working width

1250mm / 1500mm

Working length

2500mm/ 3000mm

CNC controller system


Plasma torch lifter station


Plasma torch height sensor

ARC Voltage based

Nesting software

Fast cam Australia/ Pronest LT Hypertherm USA

Gear box


Motor & drivers (servo)


Power source

Hypertherm USA

Rapid positioning speed

0 – 10000 mm/min step less adjustable (MAX)

Longitudinal guiding accuracy:

+/- 0.2 mm / 3 m

Repeatability accuracy:

+/- 0.3 mm

Cutting material

Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum

Production pierce (In Thickness)

As per Power Source  

Machine power

AC 220V, single phase (±10%), 50 Hz, 2 KVA

Plasma Power

According to power source, Normally 415V , 3 phase

·        Agriculture Machines

·        Chemical Process Equipment

·        Food & Dairy Equipment’s

·        Fabrication Works

·        Hydraulic Machinery Manufacture

·        Material Handling Equipment

·        PEB Structure

·        Manufacture of Pressure Vessel

Please Find Below Specification Of Power Source As Per Your Requirement