NC Press Brake

  • The entire EU streamlined design, heat treatment frame, high rigidity workbench, optional mechanical compensation device for precise bending.
  • Hydraulic synchronization control and Estun E21/Estun E200P or Delem DA41s programmable logic controller ensure precise repeatability and ease of use.
  • The integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth, Germany) can quickly and automatically switch to a slow bend.
  • The X-axis and Y-axis are programmed by the controller and controlled by servo motor to achieve accurate positioning.
  • Advanced variable frequency hydraulic control technology, with more stable, and more reliable operation.
  • NC series press brake equipped with standard single-axis backgauge system (X-axis) and single-axis bending angle system (Y-axis), you can choose to add V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to easily bend the workpiece with complex shapes

Standard Equipment

  • Steel welded frame
  • Hydraulic system (Germany Bosch - Rexroth)
  • Standard two axis control (X,Y) Electrical system (France Schneider)
  • Synchronized dual cylinder
  • X axis servo motorized backgauge, Ball screw and Linear guide
  • Quick clamping (Optional)

Machine Components

  • Controller
  • Backgauge
  • Torque Synchronous Control System